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Traveling with children: your immigration to Quebec

Thursday, 7 February 2013 10:59 by carmen

 You prepare your immigration to Quebec and you wonder how you go about making the most harmonious way possible with children.

Several sites around the web provide valuable advice to this effect. Here, for example, a few tips that can make your life and those of your children much easier:

  • Adopt a slower pace than you are accustomed to
  •  Prepare your child to their new reality with maps and books (history, geography, and animal and plant life in Quebec)
  •   Etc.


Interested in learning more? Have a look on the website of The Guardian newspaper in London. There you will find the "50 top tips for traveling with kids"

One way to save on accommodation, if one plans to stay at the hotel during the first days of arrival in Montreal, is to ask if family discounts are available and if so, enjoy. It is also recommended to book accommodation in advance so as to reduce the stress of the whole family.

Whether you opt for the hotel, or for saving money, for a short term rent during your immigration to Québec, it is important to make your home a child-friendly place, especially if your kids are very young.

So make sure that they can’t reach the locks leading to the outside, that they can’t climb the railings of the balcony, that the small electrical appliances (kettle, coffee maker for example) are not in their scope etc.

If you chose a short term rental, children will quickly feel at home in the furnished apartment. They will have more space than that provided by a hotel room and they will adapt more easily to their new environment. In addition, they will not suffer too much of a radical change of menu.

Ultimately , the arrival will also be easier for the whole family…



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