Property Leasing Services

With more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, RAGQ has the expertise that you need to manage your apartment, condominium and furnished home in the Greater Montreal and Quebec city area.

Our comprehensive property leasing program provides you peace of mind, knowing that our professionals are at work to ensure that your property assets are profitable.

Who Uses Our Services?

  • Local property owners. Their objective is to maximize the returns on their real estate investment and hire a full-service property management agency to manage the properties on a day-to-day basis. To do this, they use RAGQ, a full-service real estate rental agency;
  • Foreign investors. Their objective is to invest in the Montreal or Quebec real estate market and have a local representative to manage the day-to-day operations, since they live abroad;
  • Local owners. Their objective is to leave the leasing management to a trusted representative while they are traveling – for leisure or business.

Property Leasing Services

Leasing Services

  • Marketing your property (Internet and traditional media);
  • Manage the schedule and show your property to potential tenants;
  • Selection of tenants;
  • Manage leases and seasonal contractual agreements;
  • Collect rents and follow-up with late-payments;
  • File legal procedure to recover rental amounts owed, as appropriate;
  • Property housekeeping;
  • Manage property repairs urgent or not;
  • Providing a year-round 24-hour emergency contact to owners and tenants.


  • Pay certain bills – as agreed upon in the service agreement;
  • Monitor accounts;
  • Maintain accounting ledgers;
  • Provide at any time financial statements;
  • Instant access to your RAGQ user account.

Property Leasing Management 

  • Frequent visits to the apartments/house/unit;
  • Manage the check-in and check-out process with tenants;
  • House cleaning after each leasing contract;
  • Key system Management;
  • Year-round 24-hour emergency contact;
  • Oversee on-going property maintenance and repair works;
  • Repair/enhance premises (at owners’ discretion);
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to property owners.


At RAGQ, we tailor the real estate leasing services to your needs.

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